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History of Laminine

Laminine is a supplement that has a long history. Research began back in 1929 when Dr. John Ralston Davidson from Canada started exploring the qualities of an extract derived from a fertilized avian egg. He first looked into this possibility as an option for treating cancer in a natural way.
Dr. Davidson studied medicine at Johns Hopkins University. Later on, he returned to Canada’s Winnipeg, where he started practicing. His discovery of Laminine was seen as a bit controversial at the time. A treatment for cancer that was based entirely on a natural extract did not get a thoroughly warm reception.
His discovery even became the subject of a House of Commons debate in 1944. A medical commission was appointed to investigate the qualities of the avian bird extract and to conclude whether it really had such positive characteristics.
One individual, however, stood in opposition to the medical commission. Lewis St. George Stubbs began vigorously questioning the findings of the medical commission.
The debate ended in 1948 when Dr. Davidson passed away. His death marked the end of the debate and the extract that he discovered was forgotten about for several decades.
The History of Laminine: Dr. Eskeland

Dr. Bjodne Eskeland was the next individual to express some interest in the extract discovered by Dr. Davidson. Eskeland was born in Norway and he got a master’s degree from the Agricultural University of Norway in the 1960s. Later on, Eskeland continued his education in the US and pursued an academic degree in animal nutrition.
Eskeland got interested in the theory developed by Dr. Davidson. He began exploring the protein extract derived from a fertilized avian egg. According to Eskeland, this extract contained special elements that could impact the human body in a positive way, including an increased testosterone production.
Dr. Eskeland dedicated many years of his life to doing research and working in the egg industry. He published the findings of his studies in the 1990s. According to Dr. Eskeland, the fertilized avian egg was a natural source of proteins and other active ingredients that could have impact on testosterone production in humans.
Because of these findings, Dr. Eskeland started working with Nils Christian Mortensen. The two of them perfected the extraction technique that made it possible to get the proteins and other active micronutrients out of the fertilized avian egg.
After perfecting the extraction procedure, the team led by Dr. Eskeland started exploring the manner in which the extract affected humans. Nearly 60 years after the discovery made by Dr. Davidson, the popularity of the extract started to grow and researchers began figuring out its numerous positive effects.
The Involvement of LifePharm Global Network

The next stage of Laminine history involves a company known as LifePharm Global Network or LGPN. The company explored the findings of the researchers that worked on the avian bird extract and saw the potential in this natural nutrient.
LGPN is the company behind the creation of a superfood that is today known as Laminine.
Laminine contains a number of key ingredients that determine the supplement’s unique characteristics. The Young Tissue Extract (YTE) found in it is based on the findings of both Dr. Davidson and Dr. Eskeland. Through its work and commitment, LGPN became the only company having the exclusive rights over the YTE extraction and manufacturing process.
The LifePharm institute of technology continued exploring the amazing characteristics of the fertilized avian bird extract. The research was needed to continue perfecting the supplement. As time passed, researchers led by Dr. Alex Martin discovered a vast range of Laminine health applications. They discovered the manner in which the supplement affected cardiovascular health, hormone production, skin, hair and energy levels.
To sum it up, the researchers figured out that Laminine could affect nearly every aspect of life.
To enrich the formula of Laminine even further, the LGPN team decided to add several other natural sources of amino acids to the fertilized avian bird extract. Though exceptionally nutritional and beneficial, it doesn’t come with all of the amino acids needed to promote health and wellbeing.
The Laminine formula was enriched with vegetable and marine proteins that enrich the complex and give the supplement several additional amazing characteristics. The three types of proteins combine to create one superfood and a supplement that can be used to maintain good health, provide a high level of energy and even act as the treatment for certain medical conditions instead of pharmaceuticals.
Laminine Today

LGPN took on the ambitious task of popularizing this all-natural supplement. The company established its presence on the US market, after which plans for international expansion began.
The Philippines became the first country outside the US to begin marketing Laminine.
As time passed, LGPN decided to expand its range of Laminine products. Laminine Omega was the first modification launched on the US market. It was later on followed by Laminine Immune and Laminine Digestive.
The international expansion has continued till present day. The range of Laminine products is today available in numerous countries among which Australian, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, South Africa and South Korea. The distribution of Laminine to other countries is expected to take place throughout 2015.

Laminine is a Natural, Synergistic Super Food, The Happy Pill that contains 22 amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins and Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF).
Laminine is in the 2015-PDR - ( 2016 PDR ) - (PDR is Physicians Desk Reference)

American Health Journal - Laminine

What is The Laminine Supplement?

what is the laminine supplementLaminine is the only natural source of Fibroblast Growth Factor or FGF. The role of FGF is to “reprogram” stem cells in the body of an adult so that they can begin repairing damaged areas in your body.

This process enables easier tissue repair and healing, thus the body gets to recover faster from a vast range of problems.

The human body has amazing regenerative abilities already but Laminine can speed things up and enhance the process. Poor diet, chronic stress, a sedentary lifestyle and even genetic factors can make it much more difficult to heal.

FGF and amino acids work together to help the body recover from such detrimental influences and start healing fast once again. New technology has facilitated the extraction of both FGF and essential amino acids, which has resulted in more powerful and beneficial supplements.

"It is a fact in the medical community that stem cells from your own body aid in recovery from what ever illness of injury, major or minor, that might be affecting you."

Laminine is Extracted From a Fertilized Avian Egg.

what is laminine used forThe name of the supplement is derived from laminins – proteins that have high molecular weight. The laminins play an incredibly important role in the human body – they lay the foundation of the basal lamina – the network of proteins that affect and stimulate the establishment of tissues and organs.

The combination of Fibroblast Growth Factor and essential proteins is the most distinctive characteristic of Laminine.

"Fibroblast Growth Factor sends signals, indicating that stem cells and amino acids have to be used for the regeneration of damaged tissues or organs."

The supplement is 100 percent natural. It gives the body essential amino acids, trace minerals and other nutrients that play a role in human health. The formula is enriched further through the addition of antioxidants that protect the cells against the damage caused by free radicals. Thus, Laminine gives the body everything that it needs to keep systems functioning properly and to repair damaged tissues.

Laminine has the power to slow down the aging process by stimulating cell regeneration.

This natural supplement is manufactured in the US, following FDA and GMP requirements. The manufacturer has patented the formula and Laminine is the only known source pf FGF.

Laminine & Physiological Repair

what is laminine medicineMany factors can have an impact on the condition of tissues and cells. The right nutrients will drive faster repair and help the body overcome negative influences. Laminine contains a powerful combination of all the important physiological repair elements.

"Many people that have taken Laminine confirm that the regular intake of the supplement will stimulate healing within a relatively short amount of time".

Some have experienced dramatic recoveries and some have felt the effects of Laminine in less than a week after getting started with the supplement.

Laminine is a powerful superfood that comes in a pure and concentrated form. As such, it can deliver fast and sustainable results. The health benefits of this supplement are numerous and they can be experienced by all individuals, regardless of age or physical condition.

As well as being capable of repairing cells, Laminine can provide an extra boost of energy and stamina.

Making it a perfect supplementation option for active individuals that lead a hectic lifestyle.

Laminine vs. Prescription Medications?

There are several instances of individuals discontinuing the use of prescription medications for health maintenance purposes because they’ve gotten started with Laminine. If you’re looking for such an opportunity, however, you will first need to talk to a physician. It’s not a good idea to discontinue medications, if you don’t have the approval of a doctor.

what is laminine made of"A number of doctors have approved Laminine as a health maintenance option instead of pharmaceuticals. The patients report good health and an active lifestyle. They no longer need to take medicines, in order to keep the particular medical condition under control".

The extract that is in the heart of Laminine was discovered and developed by physicians in Canada and Norway. These researchers were looking for a natural cancer remedy and that’s how they cam across the fertilized avian bird extract.

Laminine entered the US market and became very popular among seniors who were looking for natural ways to improve their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are cases of individuals recovering from hypertension, kidney problems, nerve problems and liver enzyme deficiencies by simply starting a Laminine program.

The best results have been observed when Laminine was used as a pharmaceuticals replacement option under medical supervision.

The benefits of the supplement are proven through eight independent clinical studies that show just how beneficial all of the ingredients are.

Is Laminine Really that Good?

It all sounds amazing – a natural superfood that stimulates regeneration and delivers side effect-free results. Could Laminine be too good to be true? Is there something that you need to be aware of before getting started with a Laminine program? The supplement has gotten some negative publicity lately and this section is designed to address the claims.

Many websites and blogs have published misleading or openly negative information about Laminine. Many of these reports claim that the supplement is ineffective when it comes to fast and sustainable physiological regeneration.

Such negative reports are nothing but normal. Every quality product that gains rapid popularity is sooner or later subjected to bad publicity.

A lot of the negative talk comes from the competition, as well. Manufacturers of inferior products and other supplements can easily start feeling threatened, which results in unfounded negative campaigns.

If you take a look at the negative reviews, you’ll find out that many of the websites publishing those sell other kinds of supplements. An alternative to Laminine may actually be presented in the negative report itself.

When such commercial interests are at play, it becomes very difficult to establish the trustworthiness of negative reviews and to label those as unbiased.

What is Laminine"There’s a lot of evidence about the effectiveness of Fibroblast Growth Factor as an agent that stimulates the bodies repair mechanism".

An independent documentary was even created by a Canadian television channel. It traced the history of the extract, how it was originally tested as a cancer remedy and how Fibroblast Growth Factor is perceived today.

"Such reports provide a scientific explanation of Fibroblast Growth Factor, its effectiveness and the positive impact it has on the human body".

A powerful blend of ingredients and the unique Fibroblast Growth Factor turn Laminine into a supplement and a superfood like no other. It can help you, whether you want to address a particular medical problem, to diminish the effect of negative environmental factors or give yourself more energy.

Manufactured in modern facilities and extensively tested, Laminine deserves its positive reputation and popularity. Giving this supplement a try is the best way to determine whether it deserves the positive reviews.



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